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Community rules

One of NEXTERS top priorities is providing a great player experience within our Projects. To ensure a fun, safe, and fair playing environment for everyone, this Fair Play Policy outlines the behaviors and actions we define as forbidden acts. The list of restrictions is developed with general principles of humanity, legality, and provision of equal conditions to users when using the Project and the Services and is not exhaustive and does not cover all possible variants of unacceptable behavior.

We strive to prevent fraud and destructive behavior in our games by all possible measures. For example, we have implemented systems that actively prevent players from using profanity and/or third-party software. If we are unable to apply preventive methods, we use a combination of automated and manual verification systems. We strive to ensure that all rules are followed equally for everyone to provide a level playing field for every user.

Compliance with this Policy, the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements published by NEXTERS is mandatory for all users when using the Project. NEXTERS may restrict user’s access at any time to the Services in case of violation of this Policy, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and any other agreements published by NEXTERS.

Offensive or toxic behavior

When engaging in any in-game communication, we kindly ask that you are respectful of others. It also applies to the language used in your in-game name and guild name.

Offensive and toxic behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • general misconduct in chat, obscene or sexually explicit banter;
  • abusing, harassment, and (or) insulting users and (or) NEXTERS. For this purpose, the “abusing and (or) insulting” shall include but not limited to a veiled insult, excessive swearing, explicit language, and obscene words as well as phrases delivered with intentional grammatical errors, replacement, separation, or removal of symbols. It is also forbidden to use coarse, abusive, and offensive expressions that go beyond cultural communication, or to threaten users, NEXTERS, or other persons;
  • incitement of or starting up hatred on racial, national, religious, sexual, political, or other grounds;
  • distribution and (or) disclosure of any personal data (including the data received by fraud or extortion), including personal data of third parties without their consent and (or) in violation of the Privacy Policy, including home addresses, phone numbers, passport data, and logins and passwords from Accounts or e-mails.

If you encounter instances of such behavior, please report it to us by submitting a support ticket from the game or messaging us on our community platforms. Players submitting false reports may also be subject to the sanctions mentioned above.


Using third-party software or manipulating your connection to our servers to gain unfair advantages or resources is considered a severe offense. By altering game functionality, third-party software aims to provide unfair advantages while putting your account and privacy at risk.

Examples of cheating:

  • use of unauthorized third-party software when using the Services, including but not limited to: for hacking, fraud, application of bots and automation software and (or) changing the game process, the use of cheats and (or) methods that give the user an unreasonable advantage.

Trying to gain an unfair advantage by using prohibited 3rd party software will result in a permanent ban for any offending account(s).

Purchasing intra-project values outside of the project

There are many third-party resources offering Intra-Project Values, but none of them is an authorized partner of NEXTERS. Such services may steal your data and get access to your game account. If you release your private information/credentials to 3rd parties, you’re permanently placing your game and financial/online security in a high-risk situation.

Examples of fraud:

  • purchase of project elements, project achievements, Intra-Project Values, Virtual Items, and other elements of the Project and (or) Services in violation of these Terms, the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements published by NEXTERS.

Account trading or sharing

Provision of access to the Account to third parties, sale, exchange, gift, and any other use of the Account not related to direct use by the relevant user of the Project and (or) Services are against our Terms of Service. Such practices may expose your personal and private information and place you at risk of financial fraud. We cannot guarantee the security of any account that has been passed from one player to another. Additionally, we reserve the right to impose sanctions on any account that has been transferred between players.

Other unacceptable behavior

  • placement of false and deceptive information regarding the Project and (or) Services, NEXTERS, users and other persons, as well as posting information of any kind for the purpose of fraud and (or) access to Accounts and personal data of other users;
  • placement of erotic and pornographic materials or links to such materials as well as materials that promote narcotic substances and alcohol or links thereto;
  • begging in any form with respect to any individual or all users;
  • placement of any advertising messages including proposals for promotional codes, Intra-Project Values, Virtual Items, assistance in the development of characters and Accounts, links to external websites, as well as mass and (or) repeated distribution of similar messages. Mention and discussion of other projects and (or) games is not allowed;
  • dissemination of false or deceptive information about the fact of cooperation with NEXTERS, including work on the development of the Project and (or) Services, moderating the communication of users, as well as dissemination of information on how to harm, exploit vulnerabilities of the Project and (or) Services, NEXTERS websites, as well as dissemination and (or) disclosure of confidential information regarding the Services and plans for its development. For this purpose, the “confidential information” shall mean any information regarding the Services that has not been published by NEXTERS as official news;
  • solicitation of users for violation of these Terms, Privacy Policy, and any other agreements published by NEXTERS;
  • any actions, including but not limited to phishing other players’ accounts, refund abuse, knowingly exploiting a bug, political statements of affiliation, support, or opposition;
  • any actions (omission) that are not expressly provided above, but beyond the normal process of using the Project and (or) Services, and that, in the opinion of NEXTERS, violate applicable law, principles of morality and ethics, and (or) are undesirable for the majority of users.

Final provisions

These rules are made to ensure a safe and fair environment in the NEXTERS projects. It applies both to the use of the Service and to all related services including but not limited to specialized forums and fan groups in social networks.

For violation of the aforementioned rules, the following restrictions may apply to the user:

  • restriction of access to the Project and suspension of the provision of the Services and (or) related services for a certain period;
  • restriction of access to the Project and suspension of the provision of Services and (or) related services for an indefinite period;
  • cancellation of the Services’ elements, achievements of the user’s Account, and revocation of the rights to use the Intra-Project Values, Virtual Items (including the return of the Account to the condition prior to the violation of the initial state of using the Services) without any compensation and reimbursement whatsoever, if such Intra-Project Values, Virtual Items, achievements and (or) elements of the Services are received in violation of these Terms, the Privacy Policy and any other agreements published by NEXTERS;
  • permanent termination of the Account.

NEXTERS may change or delete information posted by users of the Services and (or) related services in violation of these Terms, Privacy Policy, and any other agreements published by NEXTERS.



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