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Healer, Mage
Casts a shield on himself and the farthest ally. The shield absorbs any damage for 5 seconds. On deactivation, the ally's shield explodes, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and casting the Phoenix Glyph on them.
Surrounds his team with a defense matrix that absorbs all damage. After the matrix is destroyed, all heroes in the team are healed.
Launches a chakram that casts the Phoenix Glyph on enemies. The Phoenix Glyph applies Burn to enemies, dealing pure damage over 6 seconds. If the enemy is already marked by a Glyph, the Glyph explodes, dealing physical damage and the remaining pure damage.
Mushy and Shroom
Spawn an inactive copy of Shroom with the hero's base stats and a missing portion of health. The copy can take damage and receive healing. When the copy's health is fully replenished for the first time, it activates. An active copy can attack and use all skills learned by the hero, but it won't be able to replenish energy. There can be up to 3 copies of Shroom on the battlefield at any given time.